Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hopefully Brief Writer's Block Ahoy!

Even though I have more free time on my hands than in the past few weeks, I find myself suffering from a wee bit of writer's block (hence my witty title). I've got a few ideas for blog posts, but nothing yet has gripped me in its iron claws of...writing...good...things...for the internet.

But until I get back into the swing of things, here's a frightening peek into my hope chest of terror:

What if, say, Marilyn Monroe had survived into the early to mid-'80s? You know what could have happened? A Tim Burton/Brian de Palma/Dario Argento/Whoever Weird-directed remake of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, co-starring a wheelechair-bound Audrey Hepburn.

Now that I've thrown that into your lives, you can't stop thinking about it, can you?

You're welcome.

(What should I write about?)

Here's the basis for my Halloween costume, at any rate. So far I've spent waaaaay more money than I logically should have on the costume components, considering my sickly, gasping-for-breath-like-a-flailing-fish bank account:


  1. Oohh, do we get to take a vote on what you'll write about? Because that sounds like fun.

    Seriously though, I sympathize with your blogger's block. My strategy for dealing with it usually involves some form of pelting my nearest and dearest with "trivia questions" (for example, "What movie character do you want to see in their own spinoff?" or "Do you think Fonda, Stewart, and Cooper are the Holy Trinity of Hollywood Good Guys?"). And then I take what they tell me and write a post about it. Now you know my dark secret.

    I'm sure the writing clouds will lift. Hang in there.

  2. I like your dark secret! I might just apply it. In the meantime...sure! Vote! Use the comments as a suggestion box! Feed my brain with awesome ideas and possibly doritos!

    Thank you for the encouraging words, Rachel! I'm sure the storm clouds will lift, too. I think I just need some doritos.

    I'm hungry.

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