Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dark Shadows Obsessors Time! Reboot Sketches By George Caltsoudas

Browsing deviantart, as one does, I happily stumbled across artist George Caltsoudas’ beautiful, stylized re-imaginings for a dream project “first chapter comic adaptation of 1960s TV Series, Dark Shadows.”

I was hooked even before reading that.

I thought other DS fans, and fans of richly detailed ‘60s/Old School Gothic dĂ©cor in general, should find his designs and sketches of much interest. His look has a Tim Burton-y feel, but with an haute couture, retro sensibility all his own, that makes his work more original and evocative of the past than what I’ve seen from Burton lately (y’know, spirals and stripes. I still consider myself a Burton fan, but c'mon!).

And even though Caltsoudas' style is distinctly his own, he obviously has the Dark Shadows feel down pat; he sprinkles throughout some of the flubs from the series, and heightens the “Greek tragedy” aura of the Collins’ mythos. His Barnabas is a smooth combination of Frid and Depp, without detracting from either actor. Yet he doesn’t pull away from bringing in dazzling new additions of his own, such as my beloved, awful Buzz getting an extended role in this reboot, and Angelique/Cassandra coming into events in an even more ghoulish, disturbing way (because of Buzz). (Hee, Buzz!). Really makes me wish this was going into the movie!

Oh, and further bonus for a wee little vintage freak like me? He lists one Elena Nathanail as inspiration for his Victoria’s look. I’d never heard of Miss Nathanail before, but I looked her up, and I like her style! I’d also never heard of 1969 sister act Wendy and Bonnie either, which he says is the soundtrack he hears when he thinks of Victoria. And after I listened to their album Genesis on YouTube? Uh, yeah. Completely. I'm in love. Frankly, I’ve decided Danny Elfman should incorporate bits and pieces of their songs whenever Victoria shows up in the new movie.

Anywho, glorious work, Mr. Caltsoudas! Do let us know whenever you add anything more to your portfolio! Fellow Dark Shadows creeps, be sure to check out his gallery!

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