Sunday, August 28, 2011

Speaking of The Simpsons...PREPARE TO BE TRAUMATIZED

Apropos my Mindy Simmons post a few weeks back, I figured why not pay further tribute to The Simpsons by celebrating with this little bijou? A realistic rendering of Mr. Burns rising out of a nuclear tower from the waist up, like some kind of radioactive centaur!

Shot taken from this guy's blog 


All...all I was looking for was a picture of Will There Ever Be A Rainbow, Mr. Burns's autobiography. Why did this have to happen?

Anyways, sharing the visual torture. The torture that's also secretly delightful. To wash your eyes out so you'll still like me, here's the cover I was talking about:

Taken from this tumblr

"Hello, my name is Mr...Snrub. Yes, that will do."

See? Much better.

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