Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Liebster Award? For Little Floppy-Headed Me?

'Tis a day for blushing and "aw-shucks!"ing: two incredibly gifted and generous bloggers--Rachel at The Girl with the White Parasol and Meredith at Movie Montage, to be exact--have nominated Yours Humbly for the Liebster Award. Liebster is German for beloved, and the recipients are encouraged to link back to the sites that nominated them originally (done!) and nominate five of their own beloved blogs to showcase (I'm gettin' to it, hold on, crikey!). Now, I'm full aware a fleeting English speaking eye might read "Lobster" award instead of "Liebster." I will concede that. But while I would have been just as pleased to have received a Lobster Award, I consider it overall far more heartwarming winning an award that deems my li'l website beloved instead of buttery and delicious.

Now, picking five other blogs unfortunately precludes the lovely Rachel and Meredith in my case, since they were my nominators. This makes me sad. I'd love to give them awards. Rachel always finds the most fascinating films to write about, offering just as fascinating, wonderfully-written commentary and original, thought-provoking interpretations (not to mention a Citizen Kane blog-name for the win!).  Meredith tackles my favorite topics--screwball comedy, femme fatales, and a mix of awesome old/new movies--with great verve and a helluva lotta wit (her url is voteforgracie! So cool!).

However, I still have a whole treasure trove of other excellent blogs to nominate! Didn't make it too easy, actually, in cutting down my choices to five. But here are some fantastic sites you should all give a looksie:

Krell Laboratories It was love at first read when I saw her name was Vulnavia Morbius. Another example of my penchant for really witty writers, Vulnavia also doesn't shirk in areas of social commentary in her film analyses, particularly on gendered politics. Krell Laboratories is a fascinating, intelligent blog.

Carfax Abbey Continuing my burgeoning love of all things old-school horror/gothic, my next award goes to the brilliant Matthew Conian at Carfax Abbey. He's an incredibly well-read writer who knows his stuff, and writes damn well about it. Not to mention he gives some much-needed love to the criminally underappreciated Hammer Horror franchise, which many writers, both professional and otherwise (including my beloved Pauline Kael), so often choose to ignore. "Hammer Horror, Hammer Horror, won't leave me alone! The first time in my life, I leave the lights on to ease my soul" (honorary nomination if you pick up on that reference!).

Germans Like Heavy Make-Up Ms.Zebra writes enthusiastically and addictively about vintage flicks, and once her posts hook you, you're in for the long-haul. She'll turn you on to so many great films and stars your head, most likely, will explode. But it's the good kind of explosion, the kind that clears the sinuses!

Sales on Film This blog is a recent find of mine, discovered during the great Viv and Larry Blog-a-Thon of '11. Boy, I'm glad I did. Her write-ups are detailed, in-depth, and basically all around extraordinary. Plus, she ain't messing around: she's got a BA in film from University of California, Irvine! Not bad.

Classic Film and TV Cafe Very versatile blog, devoting one post to the greatest classic Star Trek episodes, the next to Disney movies, and the next to the best gangster films of the early '30s. Eclectic, classy, and most importantly, fun.

Congrats, you wacky kids! If this award stuff ain't yo thang, no biggie. No need to nominate anyone or mention the award on your blog or nuthin'. But have fun if you do, and good luck limiting your nominees to five!

Thank you again to Rachel and Meredith, not only for the nominations, but for the kind words and kickass blogs. This is a gala day for me--but "a gal a day is enough for me. I don't think I could handle any more."


  1. "The blog so nice, they named it twice!"

    You deserve it, my dear. May your blog be blessed with new followers and your posts be fruitful and multiply. And I appreciate the kind words.

    With all the blog love flowing back and forth lately, I'm having trouble going back to movie reviews. How can I be cool and analytical when people are so nice? I'm going to have to go watch an episode of The Jersey Shore to get my arteries hardened up again.

  2. Aw shucks. :) And I echo Rachel, you deserve it!

  3. Thank you both! Don't worry Rachel: if Jersey Shore can't harden you, nothing can.

  4. Hey, I've only just noticed this! Thanks so much!
    And the reason I was coming here in the first place was to fling a Stylish Blogger at you.

    The irony hangs heavy....

  5. My fault, actually, for forgetting to comment on the peoples' pages I've nominated, as you've so generously done for me. Thank you very kindly, sir!