Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Dark Shadows Christmas: My dad wins at parenting

I mention my father quite a lot around these parts, and with good reason. He's, well, a fabulous pater. He got me into old movies. We pal around. He's aces.

But every good deed he's ever done me is trumped by his big Xmas present to me this year.

He's not only an attentive father who encourages my blogging (he's often my unofficial proofreader), but he's also a first-rate artist.

Remember this here post I penned a few months ago, casting a 1940s take on Dark Shadows?

Well, Dad remembered. And come Christmas morn' (or evening, to be more precise--poor sister had to work), here's what I found staring at me from beneath the tattered ruins of unwrapped paper:

My idealized '40s cast in their designated Dark Shadows roles. My father, who is not into Dark Shadows, as I had to twist his arm rather outrageously to get him to sit through one freakin' episode, looked up the original picture of the DS cast this is based on, sketched out all the proper poses and landscape with subtle adjustments, then faithfully and expertly drew the classic actors in their proper places.

All to make me gasp in slack-jawed fangirlish joy on Christmas Day.

What a pal. Thank you, Pa.

I guess I'm slowly but surely becoming a collector of customized art pieces, as evidenced by this and the wonderful likeness of Christopher Lee I received from Vulnavia Morbius a little over a year ago now (good lord, that long??). I'm perfectly fine with this development.

Here's my most recent acquisition framed and mounted on my wall:


  1. That is so cool! What an amazing dad.

    1. Thanks, KC! We're rather fond of him around these parts.

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