Saturday, May 14, 2011

For the first time finally saw King's Speech and Smiles of a Summer Night, proving I'm a crappy film buff

And here are a few quick, stray observations:

King's Speech
1. Pretty good, though like most film snobs, I think Social Network deserved the Best Picture Oscar over it. Got a little cutesy toward the end.

2. However, Firth really, really deserved his Oscar. He made what could have been a pathetic ass of a character incredibly sympathetic, until he was almost excruciating to watch. But not excruciating in an overindulgent, masochistic way some actors do, thinking they're great artists, when really, they're just overdoing it. Excellent job.

3. I'm also really, really, desperately in love with him. Which is another testament to his talent, since I adored him even when he was breaking down in tears, whining about not wanting to be King. Again, another actor might have made me want to slap him, but instead I really felt for him over his predicament. Poor royal blighter. Would marrying me make you feel better? Cuz I know it would me.

Smiles of a Summer Night

1. Is it even possible for Swedish women to be ugly, or even just average looking? Because they're really starting to hurt my generic American feelings.

 2. Gunnar Bjornstrand looks uncannily like Mirror Universe Spock. Maybe that's why I find him strangely attractive and compelling, given my romantic inclinations toward Leonard Nimoy's Mistah S.

3. Why, why, why do I always root for the one couple that never works out? C'mon, this is getting ridiculous! What was she thinking? Henrik was such a krak. Such a krak.

A few other items of business:

1. Aren't you proud that I broke my blog's recent cycle of posting YouTube clips? I don't know why that trend was bothering me, but it was.

2. According to Google translate, krak is Swedish for douche bag. Only there should be an umlaut over the -a, but I forget how to do that online.

3. Really? You miss the YouTube videos? Then here are some clips of Bertie Wooster set to Weird Al Yankovic, apropos my last post.

Happy, you demanding kraks?


  1. King's Speech: I went to that one convinced that it was just crowd-pleasing, sentimental Oscar-bait and ended up liking it in spite of myself. And Colin Firth was great. It could have felt like a typical actor-playing-a-disorder-to-an-Oscar, but he gave a fully three-dimensional performance.

    Smiles of a Summer Night: I saw that one fairly recently as well. I think my favorite couple was actually the Count/Countess (Jarl Kulle and Margit Carlqvist). That shot of them playing with firearms--wonderfully sexy and twisted.

  2. One of my friends told me Firth put in a lot of research into how people with stammers typically speak. A lot of time, apparently, actors portraying that impediment will sort of just stammer at random. In reality, I guess there are general instances when someone with a stammer will stammer, and in other instances the person won't. Firth took that into account, if my friend's correct, and so that's an added kudos in his direction.

    The Count and Countess definitely had a sexy sort of Mr. Steed and Emma Peel vibe going in that firearms scene. Not your usual portrayal of a loving marriage, but hey, whatever makes your relationship work!