Thursday, May 5, 2011

"...And they call him Red-Haired Tom!"

Any Jeeves and Wooster fans afoot? Good. Because if you are indeed a proud member of the Drones Club, you'll most likely be well acquainted with this clip:

But wait! There's more! Are you acquainted with this, an actual full recording of "Forty-Seven Ginger Headed Sailors," orchestrated by Jack Hylton, and uploaded to YouTube by apparent fellow vintagephile GrammophonPlatten?

No, you weren't? Well, now you are. You're welcome.

P.S. Sometimes I go with the most rational option in the debate, and decide I'd of course rather marry Jeeves, what with that awesome bulging brain of his helping me out of scrapes and pretty much solving all my problems all the time always. Not to mention those manly broad shoulders and vaguely cheeky smirk.

But then again, sometimes I'd think it would be very fun and low-key to tie the knot with Bertram. He is all sorts of adorable after all, what with his piano playing, police helmet snatching, and general standing around like a loony sheep. And hey, let's be brutally honest here: he's got the clams, the bread, the do-re-me. Mooooonnnneeeeys. Thoughts?

P.S.S. At what point did my blog become a Frankensteinian concoction stitched together from YouTube clips of classic miscellanea? Huh.

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