Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Things Tina Fey Should Do

1. Host the Oscars. After the recent fiasco, wherein James Franco's cool (?) aloof was mismatched with Anne Hathaway's desperately forced cheeriness, we need to bring adorable cynicism back to the Academy, without an overabundance of da saccharine. Somebody who don't take Hollywood seriously, but is still together enough to take charge. Thus, Fey. Anybody catch when she and Downey Jr (HAWT) presented Best Something-Something Screenplay last year or the year before? Yeah, that was pretty much great.

2. Play Lois Lane. Well...maybe ten years ago. But heck, why not now? Lady still got it. She already plays Lois gone wrong (yet so wonderfully right) on 30 Rock, and you could argue her work on SNL's Weekend Update echoed Lo's devotion to journalism and snark.

Plus, most of the menfolk I know agree that Fey's a hottie. But she's not a Pfeifferesque superhero  hottie--more the intellectual, His Girl Friday hottie. In other words, the archetypal Lois Lane hottie.

As gorgeous as he is, though, I don't see Jon Hamm as her Clark, as certain people have decided. He's way more the broodish Bruce Wayne type.

(There's a small part of me that wants to go back some twenty-odd years and cast Matthew Broderick as Jimmy Olsen).

So, Hollywood, get the net and get on this.

Because there ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party.

Because a Liz Lemon party is mandatory.




(Vid by ullxthankxmexl8ter)

P.S. Guess what I literally just found out? So there I was, merrily watching Superman: The Animated Series  (just as delightful and giddy as its Batman counterpart, and where I got that Lois/Supes picture from), without knowing--until now--that Lex Luthor's glowering henchwoman Mercy was voiced by none other than Lisa Edelstein, a fellow snarky take-charge woman on TV: House MD's Dr. Cuddy. Who knew?

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